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Agony Girl: Six-year-old Amy answers your questions

Six-year-old Amy is looking forward to opening her Christmas presents with gleeful abandon, but she’s still got time to answer your questions. We read her the questions and these are her answers… honest.

Dear Amy,

I’m having such a hard time trying to decide who to choose in this election. They all seem as bad as each other. Maybe you can help me. What’s your favourite out of these colours - green, red, blue or yellow?

Dave, Chiswick

Yellow because it’s a good colour. But I do like green. So yellow or green.

Dear Amy,

I love reading books. There’s nothing like sitting down with a lengthy tome in front of you as you lose yourself in the world of imagination. Have you got any good books you can recommend me?

Shirley, Swindon

Ronald Dahl is my favourite. I really like Fantastic Mr Fox as it’s a good story. Fantastic Mr Fox got his tail shot Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

Dear Amy,

Do you think looking at the tumultuous time that we’re going through that we’re still feeling the after effects of the fall of the Roman Empire?

Chris, Oxford

I know the Romans. They’re from Horrible Histories. They’re okay but I prefer Vikings.

Dear Amy,

What’s three plus seven?

Rosie, Newbury

You know what it is. It’s ten. I used to think I was good at maths but now my teacher says I overthink. Maths is hard.

Dear Amy,

My socks keep going missing. Is it Russian interference?

Gordon, Marlborough

I think your pet keeps ripping them up and eating them or their 17 year old called George keeps stealing them.

Dear Amy,

My cat’s got fleas. What should I do?

Tracey, Uffcott

Get a flea jab for cats. You stick it in their bum. My dad uses this stuff you squeeze out onto the cats. They hate it and always wriggle around loads.

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