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Actors Needed for New Knife Drama

Auditions are now available for Prime Theatre’s new short drama film about knife crime

The film follows the story of two secondary school pupils Noah and Kieran as they try to navigate the scary and confusing world of early education, where peer pressure, rumours and social media rule. After Noah gets mixed up in a fight between Kieran and another boy, he becomes the centre of attention. Fearing for his safety, Noah makes an impulsive decision to defend himself.

Filming will commence in early April, for a 3 day shoot.

Auditions will take place on 16-17 March, from 2-9:30pm, at Create Studios, on the third floor of the Wyvern Theatre. Main actors will be needed for 3 days. Extras for 1-2 days.

If you are interested in auditioning, please send a headshot and showreel (if you have one) to  These roles are open to all ethnicities, backgrounds and professional experience. We are interested in working with non-actors aswell.

The roles below are all based on playing age rather than your actual age.

Main Casting

Kieran (Playing Age 14 Years) £100 per day. 3 days                                                         An intelligent boy with a poor self-image from the wrong side of town. Kieran doesn’t always make the right choices and can have trouble controlling his anger; but deep down he knows what’s right and wrong.

Noah (Playing Age 14 Years) £100 per day. 3 days                                                            A sensitive, thoughtful young boy with a close knit group of friends and an overactive imagination. His home life is chequered, living alone with his mother whom he can sometimes find it difficult to connect with.

Ash- (14) - Noah’s best friend. £75 per day. 2 days.

Mia - (14) - Friend of Noah £75 per day. 2 days

Additional Cast will only be required for a few hours (£50) 

Noah’s Mother (30’s/40’s) Young Teacher (20’s - 40’s) Middle Aged Teacher (30’s - 50’s) Police Officer(30’s/40’s) Kieran’s Friend One (14- 16) Kieran’s friend two (14) Michael (15-16) Enemy of Kieran.

Extras- Kieran’s/Michael’s Girl and General School Population.