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Up to now my only contact with A Way With Words has been as a live unit, when they have turned in some very special shows to packed rooms; sets that were full of energy, passion and excitement. I have often wondered how this would translate to record; would they lose that special edge they have? The short answer, is yes, this EP, whilst a very fine piece of work, is not a patch on the actual real life experience (they are in some very good company in that), although having set such a high benchmark, this is no surprise.

What you do get is A Way With Words watered down, as the studio experience and production has polished some of the fun rough edges and energy from their music, robbing it of some of the character. However, I am being overly harsh here as this does leave a record that is still head and shoulders above pretty much all of the local rock bands efforts, exhibiting more originality of thought and willingness to push the boundaries of genre than any number of them put together. It also grows on you with repeat listens, which too many records these days don’t do. The melodies are memorable, the riffs suitably hefty and the lyrics well judged. This is certainly one for fans of bands such as Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy et al. In summary, get this record, listen to it and love it. And then go and see them live to be properly blown away.

Oh, and they make really nice tea!