3 Big Purchases Expectant Parents Need to Make

As a new expectant parent, your head might be spinning slightly with the amount of things that you need to buy. Babies require an awful lot of gear, and this can mean that you can be left wondering if you have everything you need. However, there are three big purchases that you need to make no matter what.


Your baby needs a place to sleep! In their first few weeks, you might decide to have them in a Moses basket or a pram in your room so you are able to attend to them in the middle of the night. As they get a little older, they will be ready to move into a room of their own. In here, you are going to need a cot!

Make sure that you buy a cot that meets the latest in safety standards, and try to find one that is going to be big enough to last them until they are ready to move to a full-sized bed. This is often the centrepiece of the nursery, so you may wish to make this decision fairly early on in the decorating process.

Pushchair and Car Seat

You are going to need both a push chair and a car seat. These are two key pieces of equipment that you cannot do without. Many of the best pushchairs can be converted as your child grows, and can also turn into a car seat for ease of use.

Purchasing the right pushchair from BuggyBaby is going to be incredibly important, and you need to make sure that you are indeed making the correct choice for your child. No matter the type of pushchair or car seat that you choose to buy, make sure you know how to install it correctly in the car you will be travelling in.


You need to make sure that you have enough nappies. If you think you do already, you probably don’t. Babies go through an incredible number of nappies, and you are going to need ones for every age group as they grow out of them. If you are left with unopened packets of nappies, you can always donate them.

If you are nervous about the waste caused by disposable nappies, you should consider some reusable cloth ones. These come in all different colours and styles, and they can be a great choice for many types of parents.

These are the three big purchases that expectant parents need to make. You might get plenty of clothes and toys from loved ones who want to spoil your child, but the above items are ones that every child will need. It will never be too early in your pregnancy to get them bought, so start looking for ones that might suit your family. You need to make sure that you have everything to hand before the baby gets there, and these purchases are ones that you will most likely want to make sooner rather than later!