10 Things to do on the Weekend Instead of Hitting the Bars

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TGIF! Is it time to hit the bars and drink away your sorrows? Only to subsequently spend the weekend getting over an agonising hangover? 

Drinking can be fun but it’s not an activity worth dedicating every weekend of your life. There is so much more you can do with your time (and money). Imagine the number of cheese puffs you can get for the monthly amount you spend on alcohol, we’re guessing it will be a lot!

Allow us to share our little black book of all the fun activities you can partake in instead of downing mediocre cocktails. Cheers to your wallet and liver!


  • Stay in


Hold on, hold on before you dismiss the idea of staying in. It’s a good idea to take a break for yourself once in a while, there will be countless parties in the future. So hop on the JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) train and stay in for a change. Get take out and watch the movie you’ve been saying you’ll get to since forever.


  • Attend a live performance


Ditch the sad, sweaty pub for a lively (maybe still sweaty) live performance. Check out the events taking place in your area. Make your teenage dreams come true at a Jonas Brothers concert or watch a stand-up show.


  • Join a sports team


A hectic schedule often puts fitness on the backburner. If the idea of spending your weekend sweating at a gym doesn’t appeal to you, might we suggest joining a sports team?

Wait! Hear us out. You don’t have to be a full pro to join a local league, just bring gusto to the field. Also, it’s a great way to meet new people.


  • Visit your family


It’s difficult to see your family on weekdays even if you live in the same city. Rather than spending time with your coworkers after work, visit your parents or siblings over the weekend. 

Declare one day of the weekend as ‘date night’, when you and your partner must take out time for each other. Go out for a nice meal or attend Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour.


  • Volunteer


Homeless shelters and pet shelters are always looking for volunteers. If you’re up for it, you should definitely sign up for such programs. It is so rewarding to give back whenever you can.


  • Cultivate a new hobby


Do you want to learn how to code? Are you trying to become a better cook? Sign up a new hobby and invest time learning it over the weekend. There’s no better use of your time.


  • Try something different


Are you bored with all the regular weekend activities? If yes, then you should try something outside your interests, say watching Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live. It’s the perfect family entertainment.


  • Find ways to recharge


Let Saturdays and Sundays be the days of self-care. There are several ways one can practise self-care. You can try gardening, meditating or watching a movie with a facemask and a glass of rosé. 


  • Weekend getaway


If you are itching for a vacation, use your off days for a mini getaway. You can go on a road trip to a neighbouring city or enjoy a staycation at a local BnB. This is a good way to recharge and prepare yourself for the coming work week.


  • Explore your neighbourhood


Don’t spend all your time at the pub or running errands. There are so many things your neighbourhood has to offer, sunny parks, bodegas, museums, artisan coffee shops and more. Explore your neighbourhood to discover these hidden gems.

A stressful work week should be rewarded with a relaxing, refreshing weekend. We hope this list gave you some ideas for your next free Saturday!