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The Gig Monkey CD Review

Published on Published on Fri 29 Nov, 2013 at 17:39 at 17:39 by Jamie. | Trackback
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Deer Chicago – These Hollow Walls / Casting The Circles

4/5 - Record Of The Month! (AA)

One of the best noises from Oxford recently, these tracks are true to the current “sound” of Deer Chicago’s home city but mixed with plenty of their own identity that ensure they sound unlike anything else you will find. Boundlessly creative and full of ideas, flourishes and some serious emoting these songs have big stadium mentality to them but retain some nicely rough edges with some of the guitar work, which fuses well with the all conquering huge melodies.

Strength In Blunders – Sweet Dreams My Little Nightmare

3.5/5 (LP)

Swindon’s Strength In Blunders neatly straddle the gap between the scruffier punk of ’77 and its early 80’s imitators, and the slicker pop-punk of recent years. They effortlessy manage to make a right racket at the same time as creating some slick hooks and melodies, a great combination that simultaneously has you slamming around your living room whilst singing at the top of your voice. But, if you stop and listen, you notice a truck load of little original ideas and twists. Clever bastards.

Stornoway – You Don’t Know Anything  (EP)


OK, they could sit in the national section, but that wouldn’t allow us to celebrate local successes. This is a stop gap record as the world awaits their new album. And a cheery folk-pop effort it is too, smoothly delivered, fun and airy. However, it does not really challenge and clings a little too much to the band’s past output without adding anything new or suggesting any great development. It is still very good but should have been better.

Aurora J Young – Local Hero / Passing Me By (AA)


Sultry songstress from Banbury whose first 2 singles from her album are poles apart in style but linked by their sheer quality. Local hero is a piano driven pop power-house of a song, and the sort of thing that the charts should be populated with if there was any justice to these things. Passing Me By has a country feel to it and some impressive gutsy vocals but lacks some of the drive of the former. But it all bodes well for her.

Oi local singers and bands send in your links directly to Gig Monkey at ed@theocelot.co.uk

And finally some ridiculously small reviews for some ridiculously big releases…

JLS – Goodbye, The Greatest hits

Thank god it is goodbye, this has very little to recommend it artistically, massive sales or not, and I for one will not be mourning their passing. In fact, pass me the party poppers.

Lady Gaga – Artpop

She’s trying too hard now and has lost her edge. Still, it’s better chart fodder than most of the chuff out there but she is fast disappearing up her own bottom.

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP2

Still clinging on in to the coat tails of the giants of hip hop, Eminem’s vocal style is still stupid, but there is something compelling nevertheless about any release. However this is hardly a return to form.

Union J – Union J

The sort of tripe that’ll sell shed loads to impressionable girls who don’t know better. If this “band” never uttered another sound the world would be a better place. Tosh.